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No bridge too far: Agreement for new bridge over the Detroit River

Here's what the office of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says is the highlights of an agreement that lays the groundwork for a new international bridge crossing over the Detroit River:

Wanna gripe to the gov? Here's your chance

  Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's constituent services staff is taking the show on the road the next few weeks, offering help with state agencies and talking about the governor's plans to reinvent the state.

Players in 'Hanging Thads' drama go back a long way

  Turn back the clock 10 years and you'll see that many of the players in today's 'hanging Thads' political drama were part of a small chummy group in Lansing.

On Twitter, Obama has a big lead over Romney, but...

  Now that Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican nominee in this year's presidential race, the social audience tracking business PeekAnalytics is offering a look at the political battlefront between Romney and President Barack Obama in the Twittersphere by taking a look at the Twitter audiences of both.
  Here's what they found: