Inside and outside of Oakland

U.S. Rep. Peters plans stop in Auburn Hills

  U.S. Rep. Gary Peters will join U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke at ALTe in Auburn Hills  Wednesday to talk with local businesses about job creation and discuss services offered by the Commerce Department. Locke and Peters will also be joined by state and local economic development partners.

GOV RACE: Bernero schedules stop in Southfield

  Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero and his running mate, Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, continue their "Fighting For Mainstreet Tour" with a 10:30 a.m. stop in Southfield Wednesday.
They will be at Beans and Cornbread restaurant, 29508 Northwestern Highway.
Bernero faces Republican Rick Snyder in the Nov. 2 election.

Recounts to begin for Aug. 3 results in Waterford, Clarkston

  While most candidates and communities are looking ahead to the Nov. 2 general election, some are still waiting for the results to be settled in the Aug. 3 primary.

Group called The Tea Party to appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court

  The Associated Press reported Tuesday morning that a group calling itself “The Tea Party” plans to file an appeal with the Michigan Supreme Court that it hopes will allow its candidates to run in the general election.

Appeals Court rules against Tea Party group seeking political party status on November ballot

  A group calling itself the Tea Party won't appear on the November ballot as a political party, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Monday.

Tea Party plans rally in Clarkston on Labor Day

  The Independent Tea Party Patriots will be hosting a rally following the 10 a.m. Labor Day parade in Clarkston Monday, Sept. 6.

SOS race: Benson challenges Johnson to debate

  Jocelyn Benson, the Democrat candidate for secretary of state, issued a letter Monday challenging her Republican opponent Ruth Johnson to a series of three public debates in the remaining nine weeks until the Nov. 2 election.

Dems make it official: It's Benson

  Jocelyn Benson was formally nominated for secretary of state at the Democratic Party state convention in Detroit Sunday and went on the offensive against her Republican opponent, Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson, who was nominated for the post at Saturday's Republican convention in East Lansing.

GOP picks Schuette for AG, Johnson for SOS; Dems convention continues Sunday

  EAST LANSING — Michigan Republicans picked former judge and congressman Bill Schuette as their nominee for attorney general and Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson for secretary of state at their state convention Saturday at the Breslin Center in East Lansing.

BREAKING: Johnson, Brown in runoff for secretary of state nomination

  Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson and state Sen. Cameron Brown are in a two-way runoff for the Republican nomination for secretary of state.

BREAKING: GOP nominates Bill Schuette for attorney general

  Republican delegates have nominated former judge and congressman Bill Schuette for attorney general.

Calley takes the podium

  Calley took the podium shortly after noon and thanked the tea party and Cooper for being inspired by the .
mess in Washington to get involved.
  Calley asked delegates to join he and Snyder and pushing the principles of life, libery and the pursuit of happiness -- an appeasement of the tea party delegates.
  The agenda moved to a video of Snyder.

GOP convention update

  EAST LANSING - Republicans meeting at their state convention Saturday altered their agenda, allowing for the nomination of state Rep. Brian Calley as lieutenant governor and Rick Snyder's running mate shortly before noon.
  The tea party movement from west Michigan nominated Bill Cooper to run against Calley as an alternative to Snyder's choice for running mate and a small business complement to Snyder's big business experience.
  Delegates, by a show of hands, were divided in their choice and the convention leadership said the campaigns had agreed to a show of hands as opposed to written ballots, which one official told the crowd were not available.
  Delegates called for a roll call vote. The option of a stand-up count agreed to by the tea party was rejected by other delegates, causing a brief lull in the convention's momentum while convention leaders tried to broker a compromise.
  Cooper took the podium to thank delegates for tea party support and for being allowed to speak. He then asked delegates to support Snyder and Calley as his running mate.
  "There were more hands raised for Brian Calley," said Cooper, who removed his name from the ballot and asked delegates to change the nominating process after the Nov. 2 election if they didn't like the current process.
  The voice vote was equally loud for Calley and Cooper, but Calley was deemed to be the unanimous nominee.


GOP convention update

  Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser called the GOP convention to order at 10:46 a.m. with an apology to delegates who were seated without credentials and who were still standing in line waiting to get into the Breslin Center in East Lansing.
  The theme of the convention was "One Chance," and Weiser welcomed delegates from the tea party movement while promising Republicans "would beat the Democrats, both those who are Democrats and those who are masquerading as Democrats.
  The convention moved quickly to and through nominations for university boards of governors in a warmup for an earlier-than-scheduled appearance by gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder and his running mate.

GOP convention is not quite underway

  EAST LANSNG - Michigan Republicans opened their state convention in East Lansing Saturday morning where they will pick their nominees for attorney general, secretary of state, state supreme court and the governing boards for Michigan State, Wayne State, the University of Michigan and the state Board of Education.

GOV RACE: Snyder bus tour to stop in Southfield, Lake Orion

  Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder plans to leave on a bus tour following Saturday's state convention in East Lansing to push his 10-point plan to reinvent Michigan. He has stops scheduled in Southfield and Lake Orion Sunday.

Patterson files petition for grand jury

  Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson filed a petition Friday asking for a one-person grand jury to investigate allegations of election fraud involving the group Tea Party, which is seeking political party status on the November ballot.
  The 49-page filing asks that a grand jury be impaneled to determine if there is probable cause that individuals committed perjury, forgery, obstruction of justice and violation of the Michigan Notary Act.

Oakland County officials support call for grand jury to investigate election fraud

  Oakland County officials — Republicans and Democrats — said Tuesday they support Executive L. Brooks Patterson’s request for a one-person grand jury to investigate allegations of election fraud in the filings of candidates for the group calling itself Tea Party, which is seeking political party status on the November ballot.
  The video can be viewed here.
  Patterson, a Republican, was joined at an afternoon news conference by Sheriff Mike Bouchard and Clerk Ruth Johnson, both Republicans, and by Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, a Democrat.

Patterson to call for grand jury to investigate political corruption

  Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson will announce today that he will petition the Oakland County Circuit Court to impanel a one-person grand jury to investigate allegations of political corruption.

TEA PARTY UPDATE: Johnson asks sheriff's office to investigate Tea Party candidate filings

  Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson requested Tuesday that the Oakland County Sheriff's Office investigate filings involving three candidates from the group Tea Party, which is seeking political party status on the November ballot.

State board rejects party status for Tea Party group; could be decided in court

  A group calling itself the Tea Party was so far unsuccessful Monday in gaining political party status on the November ballot after objections from tea party movements and Republicans who say the group is a fake and designed to split Republican votes.
  The Michigan Board of State Canvassers voted 2-2 on a motion to give the group political party status, in effect denying them a spot on the ballot as a political party.

Oakland Dems announce resignation

  The Oakland County Democratic Party posted a statetment on its website that employee Jason Bauer has resigned.

Tea party movement protests ballot status today

  The Lakes Area Tea Party, one of the tea party movements in Oakland County, planned to attend a hearing in Lansing at 10 a.m. today, Aug. 23, to oppose efforts by a group called Tea Party to gain political party status on the November ballot.
  Republicans have called the Tea Party group a front for Democrats looking to split the Republican vote in the November election. Tea party movements have said they don't want status on the ballot as a political party.

DEM commissioners call for party worker's removal

  Democrats on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners Saturday called for the removal of a county Democratic Party employee in the wake of allegations of fraud by Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson a day earlier.

Tea Party group files in local races

  Mike Bosnic, a Republican running to unseat incumbent county Commissioner Tim Burns, D-Clawson, says a fake tea party candidate has joined the race to split the Republican vote and give the Nov. 2 election to Burns.

Raczkowski kicks off campaign in Pontiac

  Republican Rocky Raczkowski holds a general election kickoff event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. today, Aug. 17,  at the Oakland County Board of Commissioners Auditorium.

GOV RACE: Debates in the offing?

  Lansing Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Virg Bernero has accepted three debates across the state against his Republican opponent Rick Snyder of Ann Arbor.

Progressives fight back against tea party movement

  Tea party groups, which got started more than a year ago during the congressional debate over health care reform, have sprung up around Oakland County and the country. Now, a blogger on the website Politico reports an anti-tea party effort is underway.

GOV RACE: Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero to speak in Wixom

  Virg Bernero, Democratic candidate for governor, will be the guest speaker at the Aug. 17 meeting of the Democrats of West Oakland County.

Rogers condemns information released by WikiLeaks

  U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers says those charged and found guilty of espionage for leaking sensitive information should be executed.

COUNTY COMMISSION: McGuinness makes it to Democratic ballot in November as write-in

  Another write-in candidate earned enough votes to appear on the November ballot, Oakland County elections canvassers have determined.

Weipert gets GOP nomination for vacant county commission seat

  Phillip J. Weipert of South Lyon will appear as the Republican candidate on the Nov. 2 ballot to fill a vacant county commission seat representing South Lyon, Lyon Township, Wixom, Walled Lake and part of Novi.

Republicans, Democrats look forward to Nov. 2 election

  Some primary races Tuesday in both parties had nearly as many candidates as there were suitors on the last installment of The Bachelorette.
  But voters should find the next election ballot slightly less confusing now that the Aug. 3 primary is over and Republicans and Democrats have picked their nominees for the Nov. 2 general election.