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Michigan vote on health exchange irks conservatives

  Republicans who control the Michigan Legislature are saying they have to reluctantly accept a grant to set up a health exchange required by Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, even though they oppose it.
  But conservatives are warning them that their votes to accept the nearly $31 million grant will be "scored" for future use against them in the next election in 2014.

Donald Trump to keynote Oakland County Lincoln Day Dinner

  One of President Barack Obama's most vocal critics will be in Oakland County in May.
  Television personality and New York businessman Donald Trump is the keynote speaker for the county Republicans annual Lincoln Day Dinner May 21.

Congress at odds over spending for 5th time since 2011

  Congress and the White House begin deliberations over $85 billion in mandatory spending cuts scheduled to take effect Friday if no deal is reached to avoid them.
  Republicans and Democrats remain far apart, however, with Republicans wanting more cuts and the White House and Democrats wanting more revenues from taxes.
  The average American has their own view, a poll indicates. Here's how the sides shape up:

Democrats sniggle Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder ahead of state conventions

  Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder is a target of Democrats who gather in Detroit this weekend for their state convention to elect new leaders.
  The Michigan Democratic Party has put up a billboard along I-96 facing west between the Okemos and Williamston exits that says, "Make Rick Snyder A One Term Nerd."

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers pushes cyber security as federal cuts loom

  With the debate over how to avoid sequestration — the mandatory federal spending cuts scheduled to take effect soon — looming, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers is pushing for cyber security legislation.

$9, $10, $50? What should the minimum wage be?

  Does a higher minimum wage cost jobs or create jobs?
  That's likely to be the core of the political arguments over President Barack Obama's proposal in his State of the Union address for a $9 an hour minimum wage nationally.

A $9 minimum wage? How about $10?

  It didn't take one Michigan lawmaker long to jump on a higher hourly minimum wage after President Barack Obama proposed a $9 an hour wage in his State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

Ban against pit bulls similar to racism against Japanese in World War II, Waterford supervisor says

   Whether to allow pit bulls in Waterford Township, Mich., is a hot topic these days, so much that township Supervisor Gary Wall suggested it may be time to revisit the township's ban on the dogs, and with an analogy to World War II treatment of the Japanese by the United States.

A new pope will be picked — you can REALLY bet on it

  People will bet on just about anything, and bookmakers are happy to offer odds on just about anything — including who will be the next Catholic pope.

Oakland County Exec L. Brooks Patterson State of the County prepared remarks

   Here's the text of the prepared remarks of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who was scheduled to give his 19th State of the County address at 7 p.m. Thursday at Detroit Country Day in Beverly Hills, Mich.:

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder proposes fiscal year state budget

  Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder gave his budget proposal to the Legislature Thursday morning, covering spending he's proposing for Michigan roads, education and health programs.
  Here's what the governor's office says are the highlights of the budget for fiscal year 2014:

UPDATE: Odds of reopening fake tea party investigation slim to none

  Friday, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak suggested the fake tea party investigation of 2010 should be reopened now that Democrat Party Chairman Mark Brewer has been fingered as involved in it. But Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said late Friday afternoon that it's not up to her.

UPDATE: Michigan GOP chair Schostak wants DEM chair Brewer investigated

  Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak wants Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper to reopen the fake tea party investigation of the 2010 election with an eye towards charging Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer.

Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer accused of being behind fake tea party in 2010

  Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer is catching it from all sides these days.
  In a sure sign that Brewer may have trouble gaining a 10th two-year term when Democrats pick new leadership later this month, one only has to read the website Michigan Liberal, or the assessment of unabashed liberal columnist Jack Lessenberry.
  Also, the right-wing conservative websites Right Michigan, Michigan Report and Michigan's Biggest Liar pounced all over a post on Michigan Liberal Friday by former Oakland County Democratic Party Chairman Mike McGuinness, who said Brewer was behind a scheme in 2010 to siphon off votes from Republicans by fielding a fake Tea Party group on the ballot.
  Wrote McGuinness: