Potholes a persistent problem since at least 1997

In April 1997, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson taunted a former governor to do something about Michigan road conditions. The conditions persist.
  In April 1997, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson taunted former Republican Gov. John Engler about the condition of Michigan roads by standing thigh-deep in a pothole holding a sign saying, “Governor ... How about this pothole?”

Fun in the GOP: RINOs, PUMAs and Agema

OUT — Mainstream Republicans finally decided they've had enough of Michigan's Republican National Committee member Dave Agema, a former state lawmaker under fire recently for whacky comments derogatory to gays, such as saying they're responsible for most murders in the U.S. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Michigan GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak issued a joint statement Friday from the RNC's annual meeting saying Agema should resign. With elections underway this year, Agema is about as welcome to mainstream Republicans as a Democrat at a Tea Party meeting.

Michigan GOP push into Detroit: A serious or symbolic effort?

A modest proposal: The first Michigan Cold Butt U.S. Senate Debate

  Political campaigns, especially for statewide offices, are largely scripted affairs.
  Candidates from either party announce they’re running. Sabers being out of date, they then rattle their checkbooks to scare off competition within their own parties, and start making the rounds solidifying the loyal and raising money.
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  Then follows nearly a year of public appearances, manufactured news events and, if the race appears close enough, a debate or two aimed at wooing Michigan’s large independent and ticket-splitting population.

Inside and outside of Oakland