Inside and outside of Oakland

Voting today: Louisiana in GOP nominating races

  Republicans in Louisiana pick their presidential nominee today. There are 46 delegates but only 20 will be awarded on a proportional basis to the candidates who get at least 25 percent of the vote.

Fate of Oakland County commission districts rests with Michigan Supreme Court

  To many, the Michigan Supreme Court is seven unknown shadowy figures in dark robes and Darth Vader masks, wielding nearly unlimited authority over Michigan's political and legal empire.
  The state's high court does indeed have a lot of clout, but they're only shadowy because few people have arguments that make it up the legal ladder that far.

Latest GOP presidential nominating delegate count

  The Republican Party released its latest state-by-state delegate count in the presidential nominating race Friday.

Primary scoreboard: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi

  Primaries and caucuses are today in Alabama, Hawaii and Mississippi, along with a non-binding caucus in American Samoa, and 101 delegates are at stake in the Republican presidential nominating contests. Here's the scoreboard:

Michigan Democrats make endorsements for November

  The Michigan Democratic Party met in Detroit Saturday and endorsed three candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court and two each for state boards of education.

Latest Republican presidential delegate count: A long way to go

  The latest official delegate counts released Friday, March 9, by the Republican National Committee shows there's a long way to go before Republicans settle on a nominee to run against President Barack Obama in November.

Would you buy a used car from Romney or Santorum?

  With the national dogfight over the Republican presidential nomination, everyone seems to have their own idea of an ideal polling question.
  The latest comes from the online advertising site craigslist, which commissioned a poll of 2,007 adults and 662 Republicans prior to the March 6 Super Tuesday 10-state primaries asking the question, "Would you buy a used car from these men?"

Super Tuesday: A make or break day for the GOP?

  Michigan Republicans are back in spectator mode now that Michigan's Feb. 28 presidential primary is over.
  But they'll be watching Tuesday when GOP voters in 10 states nominate a candidate to run against President Barack Obama this year in primaries and caucuses called Super Tuesday.
  It's called Super Tuesday because there's so many states holding their nominating contests at once: Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia.
  Candidates still in the race are Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.
  Of the 10 states, neighboring Ohio is the one to watch, local Republicans say.

Romney: We win; Santroum: We tied; Democrats: GOP needs to learn how to count

  Here's how the Michigan Republican Party awarded delegates to Mitt Romney and Santorum Thursday, even though local canvassing of the Feb. 28 primary election results hasn't been completed yet.