Inside and outside of Oakland

Michigan Democrats hold nominating caucuses May 5

  Since last year, Republicans have been hogging the limelight through debates and a contentious primary schedule, trying to whittle down a large field to a single candidate the GOP can back for the November election against President Barack Obama.
  Democrats say their turn is coming up.

Grover Cleveland's Rubber Jaw & Other Unexpected, Unbelievable But All-True Facts About America's Presidents

  During the 2008 presidential campaign, a book mysteriously appeared on my chair at work. It was called "You Can Lead A Politician To Water But You Can't Make Him Think."
  It was by Texas humorist Kinky Friedman, who irreverently spoke in part of running as an independent for Texas governor in 2006, and no, he didn't win.
  But his book proved so popular that it has been passed around and I no longer have it. No doubt it was the humorous parts that made it so readable, like his proposal to use gambling money for education called "Slots for Tots." And the anecdote about offering then-President Bill Clinton a banned Cuban cigar with the advice that the president view it not as supporting the Cuban economy, but as burning their crops.
  In 2012, the first book that has shown up is called "Grover Cleveland's Rubber Jaw & Other Unexpected, Unbelievable But All-True Facts About America's Presidents."

Battle of endorsements in Michigan's 14th Congressional District

  If redistricting — the process of drawing new political districts every 10 years after the U.S. Census — produced anything, it's a game of musical chairs, especially in Michigan's newly drawn 14th Congressional District.

Movie night for the tea party in southeast Michigan

  A documentary about illegal immigration and the cost of it is the topic for the tea party in Troy.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is Reagan Dinner speaker

  Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the featured speaker at the Tuesday, April 17, Reagan Dinner put on by the 9th Congressional District Republicans.

Oakland County continues political boundary battles

  For the second time in a year, a new map has been produced for Oakland County's county commission districts — and Democrats are calling it political gerrymandering by the Republican majority.

Hat Trick for Romney: Is Mitt It?

  Mitt Romney's three wins Tuesday in Republican presidential nominating contests in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia gives him a solid lead over Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.