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Michigan Democrats hold nominating caucuses May 5

  Since last year, Republicans have been hogging the limelight through debates and a contentious primary schedule, trying to whittle down a large field to a single candidate the GOP can back for the November election against President Barack Obama.
  Democrats say their turn is coming up.
  Unlike Republicans, who chose a combination of primaries and caucuses across the country to settle on a nominee, the Michigan Democratic Party holds its presidential nominating caucuses May 5.
  Democrats say those planning to participate in the caucuses, which are certain to renominate Obama as their party's standard bearer, should visit for a list of caucus sites throughout the state. There will be at least one in each of the 83 counties and more than 200 statewide.
  Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer says people don't have to be registered Democrats to participate in the caucuses, but indicate at registration that they are participating as a Democrat.
  Republicans held their nominating primary Feb. 28.
  "People who voted in the Feb. 28 primary are welcome to vote on May 5," Brewer said.

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