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UPDATE: Michigan GOP chair Schostak wants DEM chair Brewer investigated

  Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak wants Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper to reopen the fake tea party investigation of the 2010 election with an eye towards charging Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer.

  A grand jury investigation of the fake tea party ended in the conviction of former Oakland County Democratic Party Chairman Mike McGuinness and another former party employee on charges related to election fraud.
  Schostak said a post on the Michigan Liberal website by McGuinness clearly implicates Brewer in the scheme in 2010.
  "We think it's shameful that Brewer would concoct this illegal scheme," Schostak said in a 2:45 p.m. teleconference Friday with media. "Once it unfolded, two local political operatives began to take all the heat and Brewer never accepted any responsiblity."
  Cooper's office said she was out of the office for the afternoon, as was her chief deputy, Paul Walton.
Brewer, reached by phone in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, said he dealt with the local fake tea party allegations two years ago when they surfaced.
  Both Brewer and Schostak are up for election as chairs of their respective parties later this month.
  "I have the same answer now as two years ago," Brewer said. "I had nothing to do with what happened in Oakland County.
  "I think you need to consider the source and consider the timing," Brewer said of McGuiness's post. "It's three weeks before my re-election."
  And in a swipe at Schostak, Brewer said: "He'd rather talk about issues with the Democratic Party than issues with the tea party within his own party."      

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