Inside and outside of Oakland

Where's the beef?

  All sizzle and no steak.

  That's how the campaign of Republican Mitt Romney is describing is describing President Barack Obama's "Road to Recovery" tour in Michigan.
  It kicked off Monday with a conference call by U.S. Sen. Carl Levin and then moved to a short event in Rochester Tuesday before moving on to Grand Rapids to highlight businesses that are doing well now that the auto industry is recovering. Obama pushed for government help for Chrysler and General Motors when they were struggling, and Democrats have been quick to point out that Romney advocated bankruptcy for the automakers.
  Romney's campaign notes that he holds a one-point lead over Obama in Michigan in the latest polls and that Michigan's newly released unemployment figures shows job losses of 5,000 in May, of which 4,000 were manufacturing jobs.
  Obama's "Road to Recovery" tour continues today in Flint at Genesee Packaging.
  Pass the Worcestershire Sauce.

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