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On Twitter, Obama has a big lead over Romney, but...

  Now that Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican nominee in this year's presidential race, the social audience tracking business PeekAnalytics is offering a look at the political battlefront between Romney and President Barack Obama in the Twittersphere by taking a look at the Twitter audiences of both.
  Here's what they found:

  • Obama has 15.8 million Twitter followers while Romney has about 513,000, about 30 times as many. But Obama has only about 12 times more 'pull' than Romney, 'pull' being defined as how well their followers are connected across 60 social media websites.
  • 52 percent of Obama's followers live in the U.S. while 90 percent of Romney's do.
  • 47 percent of Obama's followers are women compared to 29 percent for Romney.
  • 58 percent of Obama's followers are between the ages of 18 and 35 while 57 percent of Romney's followers are older than 35.
  • 47 percent of Obama's followers earn between $50,000 and $100,000 a year compared to 48 percent of Romney's followers. But Romney has more followers who earn more than $100,000 while Obama has more followers who earn less than $50,000.
  So the question is this: Do people who use Twitter mirror the voters who will be casting ballots in the November presidential election?
  What's your opinion?


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