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Bipartisan may be easier to say than achieve

  Republican Gov. Rick Snyder took office Jan. 1 calling for a culture change of cooperation, shared sacrifice and bipartisanship in the face of high unemployment and a looming state budget deficit estimated as high as $1.8 billion without business tax cuts Snyder advocates.
  The Michigan Democratic Party almost immediately issued a statement that indicates bipartisanship might be hard to achieve.

  Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer said Snyder failed to offer any specifics in his inauguration speech as to how he will create jobs.
  "Snyder's speech contained a lot of vague rhetoric, but no plan to 'reinvent Michigan'," Brewer said. "Rick Snyder may be Michigan's new Governor, but the voters have no idea what his plans are to help improve the state. Since his campaign began 18 months ago, Snyder has refused to offer any specific plans for Michigan.
   "Rick Snyder now has sole responsibility for Michigan's economy, Michigan's government, and Michigan's state budget," Brewer said. "Despite that responsibility, Snyder has never offered a specific plan to voters."
  "How does he plan to solve Michigan's budget deficit?" Brewer asked. "How does he plan to create jobs? Snyder has promised 'bold' action over his first six months but no one knows what the means. We will hold him and the Republicans accountable for our economy, our government, and our budget."
  Snyder, for his part, appeared with former Democrats and Republicans at his inaugural ceremony. 
  “It is time to stop fighting among ourselves,” Snyder said.  “It is time to solve our problems and create new opportunities.
  “We need to put party and geography aside and come together as Michiganders to reinvent Michigan,”Snyder said.
  “I have been hired to represent all people of the state of Michigan and move us all forward together,” Gov. Snyder said. “We all want to live in a state of high expectations – and results. We can only achieve extraordinary things if we aspire beyond traditional thinking. The old unbelievable needs to become the new achievable.  Let today be the birth of a new chapter in Michigan’s history.  Let today be the birth of the era of innovation and reinvention.”
  Snyder takes office with a Legislature controlled by Republicans but it's unclear how willing the Legislature will be to adopt cuts and reforms that will be unpopular with some in Lansing.

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