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Pollster says Michigan governor's race in 2014 a 'true' tossup

  Stu Rothenberg, a pollster and columnist for Roll Call, says Michigan's race for governor is now a true tossup between incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer.
  Snyder hasn't announced yet if he's seeking a second four-year term, although he's expected to.

  Rothenberg noted Snyder's first term has been "rocky" after winning a five-way Republican primary in 2010 and the general election with 58 percent of the vote.
  Snyder became vulnerable after the Republican-controlled legislature pushed right-to-work legislation through in a December lame duck session before it adjourned, and Snyder signed it.
  His poll ratings with Michigan voters plummeted almost immediately.
  There are 30 states with Republican governors and 20 with Democrat governors.
  In 2014, 36 states will have elections for governor, including Michigan.
  Along with Michigan, Rothenberg lists governor's races in Florida and Virg
inia as "true tossups."

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