Inside and outside of Oakland

Before the Nov. 6 election, there's just one little housekeeping item....

  And that's on Sept. 5, when Republicans in Michigan's current 11th Congressional District will pick a nominee to succeed U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, the Livonia Republican who quit Congress abruptly in July, forcing a special election to fill his seat for a matter of weeks from the Nov. 6 election to the end of the year.

  That special primary, at an estimated cost of $650,000 to local communities in western Oakland and Wayne counties, has five Republicans and one Democrat. The Republicans are Steve King, Carolyn Kavanagh and Kenneth Crider, all from Livonia, Nancy Cassis from Novi, and Kerry Bentivolio from Milford. Bentivolio won the Aug. 7 primary and is the GOP nominee for the two-year term that begins in January.
  The winning Republican Sept. 5 advances to the Nov. 6 special election with Democrat is David A. Curson from Belleville.
  Except for the cost, it's much ado about nothing, since the winner will only fill the seat until the end of the year.

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