Inside and outside of Oakland

Game on in Michigan primary

  It's game on in Michigan today.
  Likely the last major event in Oakland County before Tuesday's Michigan primary is the Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, already underway.
  Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are scheduled to appear in what has become a dogfight in Romney's home state and in which their campaigns and supporting Super Pacs have spent more than $6 million in advertising.
  And let's not forget Ron Paul.

  The Texas congressman has spent little time in Michigan but plans five stops before Tuesday's election.
  He'll be at Central Michigan University this evening, in west Michigan Sunday, a Detroit town hall meeting at 11 a.m. Monday and then a 4 p.m. event in East Lansing before finishing up at a 7 p.m. event in Dearborn.
  Why bring up Paul?
  Well, he still leads the merchandise sales among the GOP presidential hopefuls, an indication of a core of stubborn supporters.
  CafePress, which tracks its sales of election year merchandise, notes 34 percent of its sales last week have been for Ron Paul items compared to 7 percent for Romney.
  A pair of more scientific polls released Friday give Romney either a three-point or six-point lead over Santorum in Michigan.
  But in Michigan, and across the country, Republicans have been unwilling to unite behind a Republican candidate, despite some 20 debates, including one last November at Oakland University, indicating the nominating battles will continue in other states.
  Romney's high mark in Michigan was a Friday poll showing him at 40 percent.
   And Newt Gingrich, the other Republican actively mounting a nationwide campaign?
  His campaign lists him as addressing the California Republican Convention Saturday and making stops at two churches in Georgia on Sunday. 

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