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Election day in Michigan: The only poll that matters

  Voters in Michigan go the polls today for presidential nominating primaries in Michigan and Arizona, the only poll that matters.
  So what's in a poll?
  Four polls came out Monday. Two of them had former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with a two-point lead over his main rival in Michigan, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. One gave Romney a four-point lead over Santorum, and the fourth gave Santorum a two-point lead over Romney.
  Now it's up to voters to decide.
  In Michigan, Republicans are expressing outrage that Democrats may actually cast ballots in Michigan's GOP primary -- for Santorum.
  Is there room for Democrats to skew the results away from Romney?

  The polls on Monday suggest there might be. In the neighborhood of 5-10 percent of likely voters may be waiting to the last minute to make up their minds who to vote for. And that's just among the Republicans.
  Would such mischief be surprising?
  Not at all, says Bill Ballenger, of Inside Michigan Politics. "I'm shocked!" Ballenger posted on Facebook. One of the people who commented on the post caught the facetious sarcasm at the notion that such things as Democrats voting in Republican elections -- or Republicans voting in Democrat elections -- actually occur.
  "Shocked...shocked there is gambling going on in this establishment," commented Jason A. Watts, and in reference to the movie Casablanca and the scene in which Capt. Renault shuts down Rick's because of gambling, only to be handed his winnings in the process.
  At least one Democrat doesn't think Romney will lose the GOP nominating contest, however. Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman R.T. Rybak said Monday he expects Romney to win by more than two-point margin the Monday polls gave him.
  Stay tuned.

POLL UPDATE: Two tracking polls were released Tuesday morning. One gives Romney a one-point lead over Santorum, the other gives Santorum a one-point lead over Romney.

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