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Aug. 2 primary ballot set in Oakland County

  In November, Oakland County voters will elect 29 city councils and 19 school boards.
  But voters in some communities will go to the polls Aug. 2 for primaries to whittle down the field of candidates in the nonpartisan elections.

  On the Aug. 2 ballot, there will be primary elections in Rochester Hills and Southfield. There is also a ballot proposal in Royal Oak Township.
  And in Holly, Rose, Springfield and Highland townships, voters will elect a county commissioner.
  Here's a rundown of what's on the Aug. 2 ballot:

Rochester Hills

  Voters in Rochester Hills this year are electing a mayor, one District 2 council member and two at-large council members.
  Four candidates are on the ballot for mayor: Erik Ambrozaitis, incumbent Byron K. Barnett, Paul Miller and Luke Wylie. The August election will narrow the choice to two for the November election.
  Four people are also seeking the District 2 city council spot. They are Howard Elandt, Adam Kochenderfer, M. Jordan Kotubey and Laurie Puscas. The primary will narrow the field to two candidates for November.
  Seven are seeking the at-large council positions. They are Peter Adair, Howard Elandt, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Dee Hilbert, Adam Kochenderfer, Mark Tisdel and incumbent Michael Webber. The primary will narrow the field to four candidates for November.

  Twelve people are seeking four seats on the city council in November. The August primary will narrow the field to eight candidates for November.
  On the August ballot are Sunsaria Baldwin, Daniel Brightwell, incumbent Myron Frasier, Sylvia Jordan, incumbent Sidney Lantz, Jeremy Moss, Ken Peterson, Steven Richter, Dwight Smith, incumbent Linnie M. Taylor, Chris Terry, and Bernadine Trout.

District 2 County Commission

  Republican Bob Hoffman of Highland and Democrat Mark Venie are on the Aug. 2 ballot in a special election to fill the remainder of a two-year county commission seat in Holly, Rose, Springfield and Highland townships.
  The seat became vacant after the November 2010 election when Bill  Bullard was appointed as county clerk. Republicans temporarily appointed Hoffman to fill the seat until special primary and general elections could be held.

Royal Oak Township
  The tiny township in the southeast part of the county is asking for a 4.5-mill property tax increase for five years for general operations. If passed, it would generate $190,711 in the first year.
  The township is also seeking a 2.5-mill property tax renewal for 25 years for the township's parks and recreation department. If renewed, the tax would generate $105,000 in the first year.

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