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Snyder to leave Republican Party? April Fools!

  Michigan Democrats took advantage of April Fools Day Friday to poke a little fun at, who else? Republicans.

  First was a parody of a press release purportedly from the office of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder announcing that he had decided to leave the GOP and become an independent.
  “I want to reinvent myself as I reinvent Michigan because that way I’ll share in the sacrifice and not leave myself behind,” Snyder was quoted as saying in the phony release.
  And further, “Minnesota Independent Governor Jesse Ventura is my role model. I hope I can be half as successful as he was and I hope this move will make Democrats really, really like me.”
  Ventura, a former SEAL, professional wrestler and actor, was elected Minnesota governor in 1998, serving one four-year term.
  Snyder is at odds with Democrats over his budget proposals to tax pensions, give tax credits to businesses and cut funding for education.
  Next was a release supposedly from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Robert Schostak, announcing he would run against Democrat U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow in 2012.
  “I fully expect all of the other potential Republican candidates to step aside because I am clearly head and shoulders above all of them,” the release quoted Schostak as saying. “I am the only candidate who can win this race. My announcement today should clear the field as Republican voters around the state have been waiting for a great candidate such as I. I have arrived.”
  The fake release was a dig at comments Schostak made earlier in the week in which he said he expected an as yet unknown candidate to emerge that was head and shoulders above the candidates currently considering a run against Stabenow.
  In very tiny print at the end of each release was the disclaimer, “This is a parody which is not to be taken seriously for any purpose,” from the Michigan Democratic Party.
  Neither Snyder’s nor the Republican Party’s offices immediately returned messages seeking comment.
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