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County parties elect new leadership

  The Oakland County Republican Party and Oakland County Democratic Party have elected new leadership.

  Republicans met Monday night to elect theirs while Democrats met Tuesday night.
  Republicans elected Jim Thienel of Waterford as chairman to replace David Law, who did not seek re-election to the post.
  Also elected were Angela Rivers as vice chair, Lauren Gervason as secretary and David Staudt as treasurer.
  Democrats made temporary Chairman Frank Houston their permanent chairman over the next two years. They also picked Oakland County Commissioner Mattie McKinney Hatchett of Pontiac as first vice chairwoman.
  Martha Blom was picked as second vice chairwoman, Gregory Miles as third vice chairman, and Tony Grillo as fourth vice chairman.
  High on the priorities of the leadership of both county parties is the effect that new district boundaries will have on elections for the next decade.
  Voters and candidates alike will be faced with all new political boundaries in 2012 because districts are redrawn following the U.S. Census every 10 years.
  This is the year for the redrawing.
  Republicans who now control the state House, Senate, governor's office and have a sympathetic state supreme court, will redraw state legislative and congressional districts, giving the GOP an edge.
  But at the county level, Democrats have the advantage because they are the majority of the five-person committee that will realign the county's 25 county commission seats.
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