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Ssshhh! Don't tell anyone but it's official....Obama won

  The new Congress seated in Washington Thursday had to perform one of their required tasks Friday — counting the Electoral College votes to certify Barack Obama's Nov. 6 election as president.
  The official counting of electoral votes by four members of the House and Senate gave Obama 332 electoral votes to 206 for Republican Mitt Romney, paving the way for Obama's inauguration Jan. 21, and well above the 270 electoral votes needed to certify Obama as the winner.
  The Electoral College equals the number of representatives and senators from each state and the District of Columbia for a total of 538.
  With a couple of exceptions, electors are pledged to back the winner of the popular vote in each state. A slate of electors are picked in each state for each candidate prior to the popular election. Michigan's 16 electors, for example, were pledged to Obama after the Nov. 6 voting.
  Nationally, Obama received about 5 million more votes than Romney for a 51-47 percent victory in the Nov. 6 voting.

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