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Inauguration Day: It was SO cold that ....

....politicians were putting their hands in their own pockets.
  Actually, the temperatures in Washington for the second-term inauguration of President Barack Obama fell on the high end of the historical norm — upper 30s to low 40s.
  The average high is 42 and the average low is 28, meaning the president had above average ratings from the weather gods.
  But the temperatures at the high end aren't all that much lower than the president's approval rating as he begins a second term.

  An inauguration day Gallup poll listed Obama's approval rating at 50 percent while a Rasmussen poll listed the president's approval at 55 percent.
  Incoming presidents, having just been re-elected, generally enjoy favorable approval ratings — at least since 1937 when the inaugurations were moved from March to January.
  But inauguration day weather since 1937 has bounced around nearly as much as a president's poll ratings over the four or eight years in office, according to weather information compiled by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in charge of putting on the inaugural festivities.
  The committee's research indicates that President Ronald Reagan has the distinction of having both the warmest and the coldest January weather for his inaugurations.
  Reagan gave his first inaugural address outside in a balmy 55 degrees in 1981. In 1985, it moved indoors because of record low temps of 7 degrees.

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